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What to look for when finding an attorney


        The # 1 complaint to the North Carolina Bar is that one's attorney does not return his or her phone calls and emails, or otherwise just does not communicate with the client. So that is an indicator of what you should consider in hiring an attorney . . .

       First and foremost, look for someone who actually cares about you, and the unique circumstances surrounding your legal issue. A caring attorney will likely return your calls and offer excellent "customer service."

       Next, the attorney should be someone with whom you are comfortable, will take the time to LISTEN to you, and who knows - and will take the time to explain - the law that is relevant to your particular situation.

       By choice, I do not have a large legal practice, but I do have a caring practice. So when it comes to selecting an attorney in Winston-Salem or the the Piedmont Triad, you can trust in the care and professionalism that I offer all of my clients. 

        Every telephone call, inquiry or case is handled on an individual basis, and if you retain me, you will receive the information that you need to assist you with making some sometimes difficult decisions. I work hard to provide the services and answers to my clients that they deserve with their legal matters. 

       Call for a free initial consultation. You will receive my undivided attention.